Stephen M. Colodny, M.D.
Jeffrey S. Burket, M.D.
Christina M. Welc, D.O.
Amanda M. Michael, D.O.
Arcadio Agudelo Hernandez, M.D.
Michael J. Burkitt, MD.
Kathleen Sheridan, D.O.
Established in 1977, Pittsburgh Infectious Diseases, Ltd. is a medical practice limited to the subspecialty of infectious diseases.  The practice is comprised of board-certified infectious disease physicians. Pittsburgh Infectious Diseases, Ltd. serves patients from the City of Pittsburgh, Allegheny County, as well as the Tri-state area.
St. Clair Commons Center
Suite C - Second Floor
101 Drake Road
Pittsburgh, PA  15241-1556
Telephone:  412/347-0057
Fax:  412/347-0062
Our medical team provides the following:
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Welcome to our newest associate, Dr. Kathleen Sheridan! 
Dr. Sheridan brings a wealth of experience and insight, and is a deeply caring provider. She has a special interest and years of experience in HIV, Hepatitis C, and PrEP. Pittsburgh Infectious Diseases is thrilled to have her join us. 

We are happy to accept new HIV, Hepatitis C, and PrEP patients. Telemedicine is available for appropriate patients.